Green Waste Recycling

Available to local authorities, gardeners, landscapers and businesses. The following items can and can't be recycled.

We can accept:

• Grass cuttings

• Hedge cuttings

• Logs/trees

• Branches

• Root stumps

• Garden/plant waste

We can't accept:

• Glass

• Metal

• Cardboard

• Concrete

• Slabs

• Hardcore

• Plastic

• Painted wood

• Plasterboard

Key Benefits

  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Greenhouse gas reduction
  • Reusable Organic Resource
  • Central Transportation Reduction
  • Total Product Reproduction
  • Easy access disposal

How We Recycle Green Waste

Local green waste delivery

Shredding of green waste

We are able to supply the compost produced by green waste in large quantities all year round.

British specification parameter monitoring.

We probe the windrow or pile of compost to check on the moisture and heat level in the pile

Formation of windrows - these are long lines of compost, we turn them regularly with a large machine to make the best grade compost

Bespoke screening to suit each customer including removal of stones, plastic and metal.

The compost goes in and all the plastic, metal and other large pieces are removed. It then comes out in whatever size the customer requires.



End product is PAS100 quality compost, which can be collected or delivered to suit the customer

Our compost can be priced per ton.

For more information, please contact us directly on

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for your personalised quote.

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