Biomass Fuel

At Mill Farm Recycling we produce quality assured biomass fuels to supply your biomass boilers. We produce our fuels from recycled Grade A wood which is supplied generally in the form of pallets or crate timber from multiple sources including pallet recycling companies and large manufacturing firms.


Grade A wood fuel is the highest quality of recycled biomass due to its ‘cleanliness’ and naturally low moisture content.


All of our biomass fuel is processed through our custom designed and built plant that chips and screens the wood to three different sizes while extracting all fines less than 6mm from the fuel.

Woodchip Specifications

We currently offer three sizes of wood fuel P45, P16 and G30, all of which are supplied with a moisture content of under 25%.

Chip Size




Moisture Content

< 25%

< 25%

< 25%

We are authorised members of the biomass suppliers list which means that our fuels meet all requirements of the RHI scheme which allows customers to claim renewable heat payments.


Our fuel is part of the woodsure plus scheme which is one of the industries leading wood fuel accreditations. We hope that this gives customers confidence in knowing that the fuel we supply is quality consistent.

We are able to supply the wood chip produced through this process in large quantities all year round.

• Naturally dry form of fuel

• As this is a recycled product it is carbon neutral

• Using wood that would normally be wasted or sent to landfill

• Cost effective

• Fines extracted product

• BSL (Biomass Suppliers List) authorised fuel

• Woodsure Plus accredited fuel

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